About the Artist

I believe that the most important things in life are Love, Loyalty, Nature and Art.

Friendships give life enjoyment; Loyalty lends structure; Nature provides rejuvenation and Art affords expression. In my paintings I endeavor to capture the light at a time of day, to recall a peaceful memory or to share the beauty of a place.

Jill Stanley acknowledges that she was born a devotee of color and nature. Growing up in a small county town fostered an affinity for things nostalgic and ordinary. Open landscapes, weathered barns, trees and gardens are some of her favorite subjects.

Instead of college, Jill concentrated on a full time career as a drafter, while taking evening classes in watercolor at the Baum School of Art in Allentown PA.

As an admirer of many styles, from the ancient cave artists through the French Impressionists, the Wyeths to Warhol, she strives to maintain her own distinct style of classic realism. She paints for the same reason she gardens - it is necessary for her happiness.

As a member of three art clubs, her paintings are often included in regional shows. A lifelong student, Jill continues to gather knowledge by attending painting workshops, connecting with other artists and studying art books.

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